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To the official website for the band Pitchshifter since 1997.


New Record

Pitchshifter are in the pre-prod phase of a new full-length album. The band reports that all songs are written and demoed, with recording set for the remainder of 2011.

Says Mark Clayden, Bass: "We're exited to be back in the studio. Looking at a 2012 release right now; but we're not under any pressure to finish on someone else's deadline--so we'll do it right and finish on our own schedule."


Alumnus of The Month

Pitchshifter frontman, JS Clayden is to be honored in the month of June 2011, as Middlesex University Alumnus of The Month. This accolade is awarded to notable alumni of Middlesex University (the Clayden brothers' alma mater).

Says JS: "It's nice to be recognized for something other than music. I'd love an honorary doctorate (hello Brian May), if anyone's buying..."


New Auction Items

Pitchshifter's bass guru, Mark Clayden, has agreed to let us auction off a couple of his storied Pitchshifter bass guitars. The basses up for grabs have seen action with the band live and in videos. Head to the Greed page for more details about these items at silent auction. Happy bidding!


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